The Beat

The Beat


This is a big pool stretching from Leet Mouth to Coldstream Bridge which is only accessible by boat but which holds fish throughout the season. In 2011 it was confirmed that the Leet is a spawning tributary for salmon. Main catching places are Leet Mouth, Three Doors, Wet Rock, Boat Pool and the Arches.

Slap & Long Stream

From Coldstream Bridge down to Small Island this pool fishes best in low water. A relatively shallow pool it offer easy wading and is excellent for fly fishing. Fish tend to rest here before they take the turbulent water through the slap. One of the best pools for spring fish and the main taking places are Slap, Buttress, End of Shingle and Bottom Stones.

The Craw

Probably the best fly pool. Very easy wading down the whole length and fishes well in low water. Probably the best place to catch a sea trout in the summer but has also produced some of the biggest salmon caught at Lennel. Best taking places are Top of Rocks, Bottom of Rocks and Willow Bush.


A long holding pool which fishes best in the autumn and although it is mainly fished by boat, the top hundred yards can be waded and will produce the most fish in low water. Many anglers regard it as the best pool on the beat and it will often produce the highest catches of the day. Fish can be taken along the whole length but main taking areas are Pulpit, Dead Tree, Black Tree and Wood End.


Another long holding pool which can only be fished effectively by boat. It needs higher water than other pools to bring the fly round but can produce excellent returns in low water if the angler is prepared to ‘work’ the fly. Many big fish have been caught here over the years and the best places are the Wires, the Beech Tree and the Prop Stone.


From the burn down to the Tillmouth this pool can be waded at the top in low water but a boat is required for the lower section. It has produced some big fish over the years and is 15ft deep in places. Mainly an autumn pool but occasionally the first springer is caught here. Best taking places are below the burn, Flat Rocks and Ash Tree.

Dreeping Rock

With fast, streamy water perfect for fly fishing, this pool seems to hold fish all season. Overhung by a constantly dripping rock face the pool is sheltered from the wind and is easily waded when the water is below 2ft on the gauge. Good for sea trout and grilse in the summer. Will fish the whole length in high water but best places in low water are the Rocks and the Point.