About Lennel Syndicate

About Lennel Syndicate

Welcome to Lennel Fishing

Lennel Fishing consists of two-and-a-half miles of single bank salmon fishing. The beat extends downstream from the Monument Pool (above Coldstream Bridge) for two-and-a-half miles on the north/Scottish bank.

There are seven salmon pools fished by four rods. The top pool is shared with Cornhill and the bottom two pools are shared with Tillmouth. The middle four pools are subject to a rota with Tillmouth which changes at 1pm.

About Lennel Syndicate

Lennel Fishing is owned by a syndicate of 14 members some of whom let fishing occasionally. The members are fly fishers and if conditions allow expect guests to use this method. Spinning is allowed under certain conditions but anglers are requested not to upstream spin. Outwith the mandatory catch-and-release period (1st February – 30th June inclusive) more than half of the fish caught are expected to be released. This part of the Tweed, when combined with the opposite bank, is one of the most productive on the river.

Lennel is regarded as a low water beat but offers a variety of pools which fish well in higher water from a boat. The beat employs Two full-time boatmen, plus extra boatmen in the Autumn as required (see letting conditions for details).

The prestigious hut is particularly well appointed and a lovely place to relax.